10 Unexpected Benefits of Exercise Bikes (and 4 RISKS)


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Stationary bikes may come in different shapes and sizes, but they all have something in common: their health benefits. They work your stomach muscles, help you in your weight loss journey and tone your leg muscles, just to name a few.

But there are a few risks involved in using an indoor bike. Regardless of the type of bike you’re using (recumbent, spin bike, upright, or air bike), we’ll go into all the details in this video, explaining everything you need to know about indoor cycling and how to avoid getting injured.

We’ll explain each of the ten stationary bike benefits and give you practical tips on how to avoid the risks associated with using one. Enjoy!


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0:00 Introduction
0:48 Better Cardiovascular Health! Every time you hop on that bike and start moving your legs, your heart starts working too. The first advantage of a stronger heart – or the first one you’ll notice – is that your
1:34 Improved Brain Health Your brain gets a kick out of cardio workouts that make your heart and lungs stronger. That’s because that extra kick of oxygen and blood flow goes straight to your brain. As such, your command center can do its job better.
2:07 Better Breathing! Many people believe that stationary bikes increase lung
3:54 Fat Loss! Losing weight is one thing; losing fat is another. Many people who’re doing mindless cardio shed a lot of water weight when they first start exercising. Afterward, they experience a plateau and get demoralized entirely, so they quit exercise altogether.
5:06 Low-Impact workout! Exercising on a stationary bike protects your joints and ligaments because you’re executing Huid motions. That way, you can strengthen your muscles and bones without damaging them. So, an exercise bike
5:43 Stronger Muscles! Everybody knows that using a stationary bike exercises your leg muscles. The harder you’re pedaling and the higher the resistance, the better you’ll shape your legs. However, that doesn’t mean that low-speed and low-resistance levels are useless.
7:18 Safe! Pedaling on a stationary bike is obviously safer than pedaling outdoors. Accidents and injuries are frequent on the roads, especially in humid or foggy weather. So, pedaling indoors saves you a lot of hassle.
7:51 Reduced Risk Of Diabetes Whether you’ve been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, diabetes, or a high risk of developing this condition, know that any endurance-based sport can help you. When you’re doing this type of exercise, your muscles use more of the glucose that would otherwise spike in your blood.
8:43 Better Mood! Exercise, in general, improves your mood and reduces stress. Firstly, exercise helps because it accelerates endorphins and serotonin – hormones that make you feel happy. Riding your stationary bike also increases dopamine production so that you can feel accomplished too.
11:03 Loss Of Motivation Working out very hard and for very long feels like a punishment, so instead of increasing your dopamine levels, you’re growing your cortisol.
11:31 Ignoring Other Exercise! Training on your stationary bike all the time makes you ignore other types of exercises that you should include in your workout. For example, if every day is leg day, when is upper body day?


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