5 Exercise BACK WORKOUT for Muscle GROWTH!

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Alright here is a 5 exercise back workout that targets all parts of your back. First up is a chest supported horizontal row for the traps, rhomboids, and rear delts. Make sure to get a nice stretch at the beginning by rounding your back and protracting your scapula, then drive those elbows back at the end. Next up is a vertical pulldown, this time to target more of the teres muscles, again make sure to get a nice stretch at the top, and pull down towards your chest as you move slightly backwards at the bottom. Then onto our first lat movement, another vertical pulldown, this time for the iliac or lower lat fibers. Really focus on driving your elbow down towards your hip and squeezing at the bottom. Then for the second lat movement for a little more lumbar or middle lat is a cable lat pullover. Simply attach a pair of d handles to an ez bar to utilize a more neutral grip in order to keep your elbows tucked in as you drive the cable to your hips. And finally to finish off with some rear delts is a dual cable rear delt fly. Grab onto the cables, take a few steps back and straighten your posture, then pull out and back at a 45 degree angle keeping your arms straight the entire time.

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