8 Gym Exercises (YOU’RE DOING WRONG!)


These are 8 common gym exercise mistakes that most people do wrong. Whether you’re a beginner or if your advanced you need to make sure that you’re doing your workouts correctly. Here I review the most common tricep, chest, and bicep workout mistakes that you need to avoid.

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#1 Lunges 0:56
#2 Parallel Bar Dips 2:19
#3 DB & BB Chest Presses 3:37
#4 Cable Flyes 5:02
#5 Bent Over BB Row 6:02
#6 Cable Tricep Extensions 8:16
#7 Lat Pull Down 9:02
#8 Skull Crushers 10:11

We’ve all seen that guy in the gym bench pressing a ton of weight with hardly any range of motion. Or the spotter that rips the weight off on every rep even when his help is completely not needed. Or the guy doing bicep curls looking like hes trying to do the limbo. Even though you mightve laughed at these guys and their terrible form, you may very well be making some serious mistakes yourself. Even if your mistakes arent as extreme a relatively minor deviation in your form can switch the focus of an exercise away from the muscles that you’re trying to target making that exercise far less effective. Over the years of spending countless hours in the gym both as a full time trainer and while working out myself, Ive narrowed down this list to just 8 of the most common gym exercises that i see people getting wrong. And today I want to give you guys some minor tweaks to make all of these exercises far more effective so you can better target the muscles that your trying to work, allowing you to build more muscle and see faster results. So let’s start with the lower body for our first exercise which is lunges. The biggest mistake that I see people of all different skill levels make with lunges is lunging with an almost overlapping stride position. What I mean is that people will lunge in a straight line putting one foot directly in line with the other like they’re trying to do some complicated sobriety test. This is wrong you want to plant your feet a little less than hip width apart for every lunge. While lunges can help you develop better balance, the exercise itself should not be a balancing act so there’s no need to practically cross your feet over with each lunge. Another mistake is taking steps too close together. When you take a small step and lunge with your feet too close together you’re going to be making more of a triangle between your legs at the bottom of your lunge. Usually your knee will also wind up going past your toe or simply just going too far forward which will put excess stress on that knee. On the other hand when you do it right you’re going to be making more of what looks like a rectangle shape in between your legs and your front knee wont be going past your toes. The last thing about lunges is that you shouldn’t let your knee smash into the floor on every rep. You can definitely come down to the floor and lightly touch the floor with your knee as long as you do it in a controlled way. Dropping to your knee on the other hand not only can It harm your knee but it’ll also take the tension off your legs at the bottom of every rep. Now moving on to an upper body exercise, we have dips on the parallel bars. First of all you shouldn’t do dips on a bench. Since your hands are locked behind your back the exercise puts your shoulders in a very unnatural position that can cause impingement. Luckily with parallel bars we could do dips without the hands being behind the back, but even with regular dips on parallel bars there are still a lot of mistakes to address. First of all you shouldn’t be doing partial reps like I see many people doing at the gym. If you can’t do reps where you go all the way down until your upper arm is almost parallel with the ground then work on improving your tricep strength with other exercises. if you have an assisted pull-up machine or resistance bands you can use those to help you work through a full range of motion on dips as well. Not going low enough is a problem but going too low is also a problem, you shouldn’t go lower than parallel with the floor. Otherwise you’ll once again be placing a lot of stress on the shoulders. The other thing that people will do is flare their elbows out way too far. While you can flare your elbows out a little bit and lean forward to concentrate more on your chest you don’t want to flare them out too far. And the last thing that a lot of people do wrong is they try to do dips perfectly vertical. Even if you’re trying to concentrate on your triceps you’ll be a lot better off leaning at least slightly forward with your chest in front of your hips on this exercise. Next up are dumbbell and barbell chest presses. The most common mistakes with these…


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