Complete Beginner’s Gym Guide (GYM EQUIPMENT TOUR


Complete Beginner Gym Guide (GYM EQUIPMENT TOUR / WORKOUT ROUTINES FOR FIRST TIMERS) // If you’re new to the gym, this video will go over every single thing you need to know about making the most of your visit. From warming-up to stretching to running / lifting weights and cooling-down, I’ll break down the entire gym workout so you can feel comfortable going to the gym as a first-timer. I also share other tips that will help you become successful on your fitness journey. Enjoy!


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0:00 – Intro
0:30 – Training Focuses
0:43 – Flexibility Training
0:58 – Cardio Training
1:17 – Resistance Training
1:33 – Core Training
1:55 – Gym Equipment Explained
2:04 – Cardio Machines
2:10 – How to Use a Treadmill
2:24 – How to Use an Elliptical
2:44 – How to Use a Stationary Bike
2:52 – Strength Training Machines
3:20 – Upper Body Strength Training Machines
3:38 – Lower Body Strength Training Machines
3:48 – Free Weights
4:09 – Cable Machines
4:29 – Smith Machines / Power Racks
4:59 – Functional Equipment
5:14 – Flexibility and Core Training Equipment
5:29 – Workout Schedule
7:25 – Workout Routine
7:29 – What to Wear to the Gym
7:48 – Shoes to Wear to the Gym
8:00 – Water
8:33 – Protein Supplement
8:40 – Other Belongings
8:50 – Warm-Up Routine
9:38 – Stretching Routine
10:17 – Cardio Workout Routine
10:52 – Strength Workout Routine
11:58 – Core Training Routine
12:17 – Cool-Down Stretching Routine
12:42 – Tip #1: Nutrition is Essential
13:13 – Tip #2: Track Your Progress
13:36 – Tip #3: Be Consistent

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