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Does fasting make you lose muscle? Should you train before or after iftar? And can you take creatine during Ramadan?

These are questions and concerns you may have if you want to keep great fitness throughout the holy month.

I am here to help! Because you can definitely maintain your fitness and even make progress during Ramadan.

I will show you exactly how every year I manage to keep up great fitness throughout Ramadan, while making the most of this holy month.

See the timestamps below!

0:00-0:33 Introduction
0:34-1:32 Prevent Muscle Loss
1:33-3:04 What Time To Train? (Science)
3:05-4:20 Nutrition: Opportunity For Fat Loss
4:21-5:16 My Nutrition (Iftar & Suhoor)
5:17-6:15 Supplements During Ramadan
6:16-6:48 Creatine During Ramadan
6:49-7:41 My COMPLETE Training Program
7:42-8:10 Perspective About Ramadan
8:11-8:20 Conclusion


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